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There are advantages to being single. Single-walled that is.

ManCan is a one gallon, stainless-steel keg style growler that is single wall insulated, not double wall insulated, for a reason. Well, many reasons actually.

Where to Buy and Fill your ManCan

Use our interactive map to find where you can buy a ManCan in person and breweries near you where you can get your ManCan filled!


Please check the growler laws for your state before going to get your ManCan filled.

We think ManCan is pretty awesome but we are biased, so here are some reviews and photos from our Tribe.

Over the last few years we’ve been trying to find the best camping/beer drinking solution, including growlers and full size kegs with jockey boxes. I feel that I have found the perfect solution, the ManCan!
— Jamie K.
I love the product. We used it for the first time last weekend and it worked great. It was the life and the show stopper at the party. I was the envy of all the craft brew lovers in the room! Thank you for making this cool product!
— James S.
I’m the proud owner of 4 beautiful 128oz ManCans. I absolutely love the product. The reactions I get at local breweries is just awesome.
— Stefen

How ManCan Came to Be

After much trial and error, Kevin Lehman, President, CEO and inventor of ManCan, finally landed on a design that resembled the type of beer packaging he wanted to replicate — a keg. The keg-style growler took off and people were amazed at how perfect it was for replacing traditional glass growlers, bottles and cans. The product became so popular in Kevin’s inner circle that he decided to build a business around it, and thus ManCan was born.

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