What Else Is ManCan Good For?

I don’t drink beer, what else is ManCan good for?

Excellent question! While the original intention behind ManCan was to keep craft beer fresh and carbonated, there are so many other beverages that can be served in ManCan!


Are you a fan of kombucha? Whether you brew your own kombucha, or buy it ready to drink, fill your ManCan just like you would a craft beer. ManCan will keep kombucha fresh and carbonated until the very end. Stock up on your favorite seasonal flavor and pour with no worries.


Cinco de Mayo is right around the corner. Here is our favorite margarita recipe - just pour the ingredients in your ManCan, seal, shake and serve!


Are you trying to get in 64 ounces of water each day? Why not fill your ManCan 64 with water and keep track of your daily intake. When it’s empty, you’ve reached your goal!

Mixed Drinks

Are you a whiskey and cola drinker and don’t like mixing drink after drink? Rum and cola? Mix up a gallon of your favorite cocktail and keep it fresh in your ManCan and cold in your fridge!

Have we convinced you yet just how versatile a ManCan is?

I know, you need one NOW, purchase here today!