ManCan Presents - More Efficient Camping!


Living in beautiful Colorado, it would be hard to imagine a life without the outdoors and camping.

There isn’t much better then spending time in the mountains, away from the world in the peace and quiet, cooking over a camp fire and drinking a nice cold beer.  But wait…it does get better, pouring your fresh carbonated favorite craft beer from a Mancan! Bringing my Mancan camping not only allows me to bring the best craft beer with me but it also allows me to save a lot more room in the car.  I used to have to bring 3 coolers with me camping; 1 for the food, 1 for the beer and 1 for the sodas. Now with my Mancan I only have to bring 2 coolers, leaving me with more room to bring outdoor games, creating more memories and fun times with my friends and family.

Are you ready to make more memories with your Mancan?