Do I want a Party Tap or a Picnic Tap?

Have you ever pondered why you would want a ManCan Party Tap over a ManCan Picnic Tap or vice versa?  While both tap systems are amazing and wonderful, here are a few reasons why you might choose one over the other.


The Party Tap looks just like those you see at your favorite brewery, because it probably is. It’s that pro. It works great from the door of your fridge or the counter of your bar and has the experience factor that just makes you look cool when pouring at a party. Its revolutionary ball and floating front seal design prevents your beer from being exposed to air, as well. See what we did there? That's a Party.


  • Professional Perlick faucet 
  • A cleaner look over the Picnic Tap
  • Handle can be replaced with a custom tap handle from your favorite brewery
  • Makes you look super cool when pouring for friends


  • More expensive than the Picnic Tap
  • If you are mobile with this system your beer could spill if the handle is nudged wrong

The Picnic Tap is an awesome, on-the-go system. It’s perfect for picnics and BBQs, tailgating, or to join you on your favorite outdoor activity. Our staff has also found it works great to lay your ManCan on its side in the fridge and swing out the Picnic Tap to pour—no need to even pull out your ManCan. Amazing, right?! Please wipe your drool now, thanks.


  • With a removable hose, it can go anywhere and you don’t have to worry about spills
  • Less expensive than the Party Tap
  • Pour from fridge, backpack, or cooler without taking it out
  • Can be laid on it's side and still pour properly  


  • May bring back memories of keg stands from college

No matter which one you go with, one thing is certain - everyone will ask what is that and where did you get it?  Get your ManCan on sale here today!

Jenny Bull