Tailgate in Style with ManCan

Tailgating season is here! Have you been brewing something special for game day? Have friends that don’t drink beer but love Margaritas? Have some beer left over from the poker game last week? Bring it along with ManCan!


Some fans find it difficult to tailgate with their favorite craft beers. What does ManCan suggest? Ditch the glass bottles and cans and serve beer fresh from the tap! ManCan is an indestructible, keg-style, stainless steel growler that lets you bring delicious craft beer with you anywhere and keeps beer fresh until it’s gone! 


ManCan also solves one problem that you face using a traditional glass growlers and bottles – it’s indestructible.  Made of 304 stainless steel, ManCan won’t shatter in the parking lot and will protect the complexities of your favorite craft beer from the elements. Any leftover beer (is this a thing?) will keep in the ManCan so you can finish it at home later.


Who doesn’t enjoy playing games to pass the time? Pour straight from the ManCan into cups and line them up for a toss! Maybe you need to save some space in the cooler. The ManCan holds more than 10 12oz. beverages using less space. Also consider the idea of customizing your own ManCan cooler. Most coolers can hold three or four ManCans and still leave room for ice.

If all of this hasn’t convinced you yet, maybe, just maybe, you might soon be able to find your favorite team’s logo on a ManCan….