Beer (and Love) is in the Air


Every holiday is an excuse to drink beer. Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that has lovers (see what we did there?) and haters. The ManCan team is firmly entrenched on the love side. We love all of our ManCan tribe and taking brewery fresh beer home with us.

Some of the stigma attached to Valentine’s Day stems from the thought that it’s only for people in relationships. The assumption, of course, is that you’re in a relationship with another person. However, we’re not about to judge someone for loving beer as much as they love some people.

Some of us are lucky enough to have someone special in our life and even luckier if they are of the beer drinking type. If you’re out on a date with that someone and want to drink beer, do a little homework and ask questions ahead of time. What kinds of beer do they like? Pilsners? Hefeweizens? IPAs? Stouts? If you don’t know their style yet, we suggest something on the lighter side to start with. Also, keep an eye on the alcohol content (ABV). Don’t ruin a date by getting drunk and making a fool of yourself. Beers with imperial, strong, and heavy in the name are more likely to have high ABV. Barrel aged beers and barley wines also tend to the high ABV side. But, hey, if the date is going well and you are thinking about heading back to your place, bring your ManCan along and fill it up. Back at home, anything goes, amiright?

Alone or in a relationship, why not make V-day a little more special with some of these beers?

GABF Medal Winners: 

2017 Chocolate Beers

  • Gold: Imperial Smoked Porter With Cacao Nibs, Joseph James Brewing Co., Henderson, NV 
  • Silver: Aphrodisiac Chocolate Pomegranate Imperial Stout, Cranker’s Brewery, Big Rapids, MI 
  • Bronze: Tears of My Enemies, Monday Night Brewing, Atlanta, GA

2016 Chocolate Beers

  • Gold: Chaos - RAM/Big Horn Brewery, Wheeling, Wheeling, IL 
  • Silver: The Ticket Chocolate Beer -ZwanzigZ Brewing, Columbus, IN 
  • Bronze: 4th Gear (4th Anniversary) - Kinetic Brewing Co., Lancaster, CA

If chocolate beers aren’t your thing, there are several beers out there with suggestive names that might put you and your love in the, ahem, loving mood:

  • Sweet Child of Vine – Fulton Beer, Minneapolis, MN
  • Love Shadow – Brewery Vivant, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Love Honey – Lost Forty Brewery, Little Rock, AR
  • Drunken Cupid Dubbel – Rebel Toad Brewing Co., Corpus Christi, TX
  • Beer My Valentine – Mantra Artisan Ales, Franklin, TN
  • And if you want to take it to the next level…
  • Lumber Sexual – RAR Brewing, Cambridge, MD
  • Sex Panther – Funky Buddha Brewery, Oakland Park, FL
  • Sex Viking – Roth Brewing Co., Raleigh, NC
  • Moist & Milky – Dead Hippie Brewing, Sheridan, CO

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is something that comes every year. And because beer makes everything better, have one or two on February 14 with your sweetheart!