Ladies of ManCan

 ManCan team (from left to right): Atalie Taziri, Monty Rhodes, Jyl Miller, Lexi Steele (below), Jenny Bull, CEO Kevin Lehman and his wife Michelle Lehman.

ManCan team (from left to right): Atalie Taziri, Monty Rhodes, Jyl Miller, Lexi Steele (below), Jenny Bull, CEO Kevin Lehman and his wife Michelle Lehman.

The craft beer industry is booming, and with that boom comes an influx of women into the brew world. There are women CEOs, owners, brewers, and experts like, one of my favorite women in the industry, Julia Herz, Program Director of the Brewers Association’s Craft Beer Program.

ManCan is no different. Don’t let the name fool you, out of the six ManCan team members, four are women, and out of the four, three are mothers - although all four are dog moms! ManCan takes pride in being a family oriented, all-inclusive brand! Some of the children have even been spotted in our marketing campaigns to show that ManCan is all about family, people, and diversity.

Get to Know the Women of ManCan

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Atalie Taziri

That’s me! I am the Marketing Director for ManCan and love every minute. Craft beer is a passion of mine, it even landed me a coveted internship at the Brewer’s Association in the Craft Beer Program, and I cannot believe I get to mix my passion with my job on a daily basis. I joined ManCan back in 2015 before our Kickstarter campaign and have been pushing boundaries with this company ever since. I am also a proud member of Pink Boots Society, an organization which supports women in craft beer. 

My husband Ben, who you have also probably seen in ManCan advertising, and I have a one-and-a-half-year-old son, a new baby on the way, and a fur baby, Sansa (a golden retriever who is another face of many ManCan ads). I love to fish, or “catch all the fish”, brewery hop, and I am a self-proclaimed beer pong champion.

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Jenny Bull

Jenny keeps ManCan moving in all the right directions. As Events and Program Manager, Jenny is constantly working behind the scenes to make sure everything is in order - but give her any job and she's happy to help.

Jenny is a wife, mom and avid Kansas State fan!  She has a sick, twisted sense of humor and LOVES Colorado and all things dogs - especially the rescued kind! She is passionate about living life chemically free, good food and crafting. Jenny has recently taken up homebrewing kombucha and you will generally find a fresh batch at the ManCan office. Jenny spent 17 years in financial services - both in customer care and running a $1 billion territory before joining ManCan. 

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Jyl Miller

Jyl is ManCan’s Customer Service Specialist. If you have ever had to email or call customer service for any reason, you have been graced with speaking with Jyl! For roughly a year now, Jyl has been part of the ManCan team focusing on customer care and support and actively seeking breweries to be part of the ManCan family. Jyl gets showered with compliments on her customer service and has quickly become a valuable asset to our company. She has a has a BS in Biochem and Biology, and for the past four years she has been the active board of directors with nonprofit mothers of multiples.

Jyl is a single mother of 3 kids, a 14-year-old girl and 10-year-old twin boys, so she is not afraid to take on any challenge. As a Colorado native, Jyl is an avid outdoorswoman and snowboarder, has conquered 6 of Colorado’s famous fourteener’s, and loves to enjoy quality time with her children camping in the Colorado mountains, none of which she does without a full ManCan.


Lexi Steele

Lexi is ManCan’s graphic designer, brand specialist, and resident IPA lover. She takes pride in her ability to recognize the beauty in all things. Her passion for developing strong, consistent branding that reflects the spirit of the business is what quickly led ManCan to make her an integral part of the team. Lexi spent three years helping tech entrepreneurs get their mobile apps off the ground before deciding it was time to pursue her own entrepreneurial passion and venture out on her own. The tech world taught her how to use her graphic design training, how to create sustainable growth for small business in the modern world, and how to stand up for what she believes in.

Lexi met her fiancé, Jordan (another face of the ManCan modeling team), at a local Denver brewery, Wits End, and beer has been their combined passion ever since. She is an amazing dog mom to two cute little dogs, Carlos and Tino, and has been a foster dog mom to many puppies looking for homes. Lexi is an independent lady who believes in gender equality, minimalist design principles, and a good IPA.

Cheers to ladies in craft beer!