You need a stainless steel growler in your life!

Why ManCan, you ask?

Craft beer can be complex and needs to be stored properly to maintain its unique characteristics and preserve the quality. Most growlers on the market (glass and stainless) are not designed to protect, preserve, and serve beer the way the brewer intended. Beer can and will go bad quickly in traditional growlers. 

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ManCan serves craft beer right from the tap, the way the brewer intended. The patented ManCan 128 is an indestructible one-gallon, stainless steel, keg-style craft beer growler, brewer-designed and engineered to keep beer fresh until it’s gone. That’s right – an indestructible growler that is pressure rated for beer!  A growler that WILL NOT break under pressure. The patented, pour anywhere tap makes pouring craft beer easy, from the fridge or on the go! The original 64 oz. Grab ‘n Go ManCan will replace your glass growler and, if unopened, will keep your beer fresh until you are ready to drink it!

These bad boys will keep your beer fresh and tasty until you're ready for a refill! Unopened, the ManCan won’t lose carbonation because ManCans do not leak air or CO2, thanks to the 304 stainless steel, which is the same steel kegs are made from, and the threaded fitting and gasket seal on the Flat Top Cap that comes with every unit. Breweries who tested the ManCan for us found that even after 30 days the beer had not lost any CO2, nor were there any other changes to the characteristics of the beer (IBUs, flavor, color, alcohol, etc.). We don’t know about you, but we can’t keep a full ManCan around for more than 30 days, but if you do, we’ve got your back!

Are you a homebrewer?

Why not homebrew with ManCan? ManCan makes homebrewing easy and efficient. Not only will it keep your finished brew fresh and carbonated, but you can also use it in other parts of the brewing process like bottle conditioning. Check out the homebrew section of our website for more details.


Stainless Steel Growler

Adventure ready. Get yours.

Always support local breweries while at home or traveling. But do yourself a favor and along the way, make sure to bring a container that can truly let you treasure the craft beer they are providing you with. If you are going to spend money on a top-quality beer, then you should make sure you have a top-quality growler. It only makes sense. Not only will you have fresh beer to travel near and far with, you’ll probably have the best growler in your crew. ManCan is indestructible and perfect for your adventures. If you hike, ski, bike, fish, camp, or tailgate – ManCan can and will keep up with you. ManCan is adventure ready.