Will Beer Stay Fresh in the ManCan without a Tap?

Everyone who has brought home a glass growler filled with their favorite craft beer knows when you purchase one and take it home it has a limited life span before it either goes flat or develops off flavors. If you open your growler that night, it has to be finished that night. If you decide to hold on to it and open it in a few days, you better make it quick because after day 3 your beer will not be the same. But with ManCan, your beer will stay fresh unopened for roughly a month and opened for about a week (depending on the type of beer)!

ManCan Vs. Glass Growler

Patented Flat Top Cap

ManCan’s threaded Flat Top Cap with o-ring was designed to keep beer fresher longer. Because CO2 is denser than air, the heavy, stainless steel cap’s multiple threads seals in CO2 and seals out air. A traditional glass growlers flimsy cap will leak CO2 and let in air in the process.

Keg-style Design

The ManCan’s sleek design isn’t just for looks! The can is slim enough to fit in the door of your fridge but hardy enough to be packed full on an airplane without releasing pressure. ManCan is made from 304 stainless steel, same as kegs, making it impermeable to light (keeping your beer from getting off flavors) and indestructible! Glass growlers are not even pressure rated to hold the beer they were designed for, so they are practically a bomb waiting to go off under pressure. Not to mention, you definitely can’t pack it in a backpack with 100% confidence it won’t break. With ManCan, you can be sure your beer will stay in the can until you are ready to share.

Designed for Beer, Not Water (like some other “growlers” out there)

This is probably the most important reason on why ManCan is better than anything else out there, but it is too much to go through here! Take a look at our dedicated page to ManCan being designed for beer, not water HERE

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 12.38.39 PM.png

Looks Badass!

Anyone who has a ManCan can attest that whenever they bring their can to a brewery to get filled, people can’t help but stare! Most of the time we hear “What is that?! I need one!” When was the last time you heard that about your glass growler? Probably never. ManCan will make you new friends! 

OK – now you have all of the details on how ManCan is better than glass growlers and (in our biased opinion) other growlers out there! What are you waiting for? Get yourself a Grab ‘n Go or Picnic Keg and improve your “to-go beer” experience today!!


Atalie Taziri