Bottle Conditioning – Aint Nobody Got Time for That! Condition in Your ManCan

One of the banes of my homebrew existence is bottle conditioning. You have to sanitize EACH bottle. Every time. When you do a 5-gallon brew, that’s a lot of bottles! Which is why many homebrew aficionados keg. But kegging is a beast of its own and comes with complications like, the biggest issue, having room for a keg. Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were small kegs out there that were pressure rated for bottle conditioning? Oh, wait – there is! Enter ManCan.

Why Use ManCan for Your Homebrew

ManCan was originally designed for homebrew. It is made from 304 stainless steel, same as kegs, and is pressure rated to hold carbonation without busting. Some of the other benefits to using ManCan are:

  • Impermeable to light – no skunky beer here
  • Yeast reservoir – Pour strait from the can without disturbing the yeast AND collect the yeast for later cultivation
  • Five 1-gallon kegs with our Homebrew Kit - create 5 different beers with one brew by adding different hops and adjuncts to each individual ManCan
  • Non-porous – Nowhere for mold or yeast to grow making off flavors easier to eliminate
  • Stackable – Cans fit together to be stacked for efficient storage   
  • Lightweight and easy to carry – Makes it easy to bring to parties, BBQs, tailgates, camping, or ANYWHERE really

How to Bottle Condition with ManCan

To have a greater chance of consistency throughout your brews, use the ManCan to condition. Follow these steps for an easy and effective conditioning experience!

  1. Use our cleaning tabs to ensure your can is clean and free of residue.
  2. Rinse thoroughly.
  3. Add your priming sugar with a syringe to make sure that the same amount of sugar is added to each individual ManCan. 
  4. Let sit for conditioning. No need to hide these brews away in a closet, ManCan is impermeable to light!
  5. ENJOY!

Check out our Homebrew page and see other ways in which ManCan is ideal for your homebrew.