Dogs + Beer = Lifelong Happiness

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.
— Josh Billings
Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.
— Dave Barry

I think we can all agree that beer and dogs go well together. They just do.

It’s a nice warm day, you find your local brewery, grab your ManCan, put your dog’s harness and leash on, and you’re out the door. Go get your ManCan filled (dogs and breweries go together like copy and paste), then head to the park in the city. Dog is your best friend. And while hops aren’t good for your dog to ingest, Dog is just as thrilled to go sit in that park with you while you enjoy your crisp, cold refreshing craft brew. When Dog is with you, they’re happy! That’s all they really care about.

Maybe you land at your local brewery on a Friday night and they’ve teamed up with the local dog rescue to help find forever homes for some pups. There are couple dogs at the brewery looking for a home and… *magic*... Dog looks you in the eye and you know it. He’s chosen you. You spend some time with Dog on the patio and after just one pint of craft beer, you’ll take him home and love him (after filling your ManCan of course) and he’ll offer the deepest loyalty and love you’ve ever felt for the rest of his life.

Or perhaps you need a nature getaway. Dog’s getting old, but she’s just as excited to head out on your adventure. Taking Dog camping is her favorite activity. She’ll scout out trails, she’ll warn you of danger, and she’ll always come back to your side. Yes, she will jump in that lake and end up covered in mud, traipsing most of into your truck, but she’s your girl. That doesn’t matter. She’ll sit by the campfire with you later as you tap your ManCan, pour yourself a draft beer, and you’ll look at her and tear up. Forever grateful for such deep companionship and loyalty.

Here at ManCan, we’re a dog-loving team - duh! Meet some of our pups:

When life gets heavy, there’s two things you can always turn to. Dog. And ManCan. Just remember to drink responsibly… otherwise, Dog will remind you to check ya-self before you wreck ya-self.

Dogs + Beer = Lifelong Happiness <3

Wanna chat? Holler at your girl.

— Lexi, ManCan Brand Manager

RIP Hector Steele. You are Mama's Best Boy and I will love you forever and ever.