Five Different Brews in One Batch!

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ManCan is quickly becoming the favorite for taking beer to-go from breweries and drinking beer outdoors, but originally ManCan was designed for homebrewing! It is rated to withstand the pressure of bottle conditioning, giving brewers a more efficient option than having to clean bottle after bottle. ManCan’s are made from 304 stainless steel, the same steel kegs are made from, making it impermeable to light so there is no need to hide your brew in a closet! There is a yeast reservoir to collect the unwanted yeast from a pour, but is also great for cultivating your own yeast from each brew. But there is one thing we think makes ManCan perfect for those who love to homebrew: you can do 5 brews in one batch! Let me explain.

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The ManCan Homebrew Kitcomes with five ManCan Picnic Kegs(one gallon each), five of our patented seal technology Flat Top Caps and a tap system for serving your brew. This 5-gallon system makes it easy to condition and serve your beer, but it is also great for creating variety! With the ManCan Homebrew Kit, you can brew a 5-gallon batch with 5 different finished brews. Use the one gallon Picnic Kegs to separate your batch and add different hops, fruits or added flavorings (such as chocolate or coffee) per ManCan. This will let you explore multiple hop flavors with the same beer! Now you don’t need to decide if you want something traditional, a little off the recipe, or something totally inventive! 

Variety is the spice of life and ManCan is giving you that variety; therefore, ManCan is LIFE!