ManCan + Bikes = FUN

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If you don’t count other humans, my two favorite things are craft beer and mountain bikes. Whenever I get the chance to combine the two, the result is always the same – Fun with a capital “F”. Most of the time, this means a ride to my local brewery for a pint or a can tucked into a jersey pocket. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. In my riding circles, the post-ride beer is as much a part of riding bikes as the ride itself. It’s hard to separate the two. 

If I were only talking about beer and bikes, this would be a very brief blog. Beer + Bikes = Fun. Right? I’m here to talk to you about upping your beer/bike game with the ManCan Picnic Kit. The ability to easily bring along 64 or even 128 oz. of beer on a ride changes the game. 

Before I go any further, let me be clear. I’m not advocating riding a bike while impaired. I have a scar on my left arm that constantly reminds me that riding while inebriated isn’t a good idea. We at ManCan love our tribe and want all of you to make it home safely.

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With that said, imagine a ride on the trail with a few of your friends and you reach the top of the hill. You stop and catch your breath and wipe the sweat away before the descent. Now picture opening the tap on an ice-cold ManCan and pouring out a beer for everybody. Your hero status is firmly cemented. 

Follow some of these tips to make your next mountain bike ride even better with a ManCan:

  • Some frame-mounted bottle cages will hold a ManCan. Because of its size, the 64 oz. Grab ‘N Go is more likely to fit. A bottle cage mount is better for shorter, smoother rides unless you like foamy beer.
  • A backpack is a better option for maintaining quality beer. Use the pack to keep the ManCan from bouncing around and close to your body. Even a medium-sized pack will hold a ManCan 128. Also, the Picnic Tap is a far better choice than the party tap. The Party Tap opens easily and could spill your precious cargo.
  • If you crash a lot or are riding a super technical trail, consider stashing the ManCan on the trail rather than carrying it along. Stashing it also helps to save weight on the bike.
  • To help keep the beer cold, use a ManCan Koozie. If you don’t have the Koozie, stash the ManCan in a cool, shady spot out of direct sunlight. Or, tie some rope to the ManCan, securely tie the rope to something on shore, and submerge into a cold mountain stream. Here in Colorado, the streams are cold enough to take your breath away. Imagine how cold that would make your beer.
  • Choose the beer wisely. Summer is good for light and even fruity beers while fall and winter are better for the heavy stuff. Of course, feel free to drink a double IPA and then climb that hill in 90 degree weather. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  • Leave no trace. Don’t leave cups (or, heaven forbid, your ManCan) on the trail. In fact, there’s no need for cups if you have a water bottle. As an alternative, you can drink straight from the picnic tap judgement free.
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Get your ManCan here and enjoy your ride!  Cheers!