Bottles and Cans vs. Draft Beer

Can I pour my cans or bottles of beer into my ManCan?  The short answer is yes, but there are a few reasons why we hope you might agree that draft beer from a local brewery is a better solution.

Draft beer is the freshest beer a consumer can buy! Breweries keep their kegs at a constant temperature and carbonation is regulated. Kegs are impermeable to light, so sunlight cannot spoil the precious nectar. Plus, most breweries make enough beer to keep their customers happy, but they are constantly brewing! The beer doesn’t just sit there for who knows how long waiting to be enjoyed. These are some pretty hefty reasons draft wins out in our opinion.  

With bottles or cans – freshness could be a concern. You don’t know how long the store or bar may have cases of beer just waiting in storage (non-temperature regulated) for their turn to be served or sold.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 12.57.04 PM.png

You may believe that a six-pack of cans or bottles is the only way to get beer home. This is absolutely not the case. Many breweries give their customers the option to take fresh draft beer home in growlers, or in ManCans! ManCanserves 128 ounces of craft beer right from the tap, the way the brewer intended. Our patented ManCan 128 Picnic Keg is an indestructible, one-gallon, stainless steel, keg-style craft beer growler, brewer designed and engineered to keep beer fresh until it’s gone.  The pour anywhere tap with flexible hose makes pouring craft beer easy from the fridge or on the go!  The original 64 oz. Grab ‘n Go ManCan will keep your beer fresh until you are ready to drink it!  A ManCan makes it super easy to pack in and pack out your favorite beer rather than taking numerous cans or bottles in and out.  

ManCans are environmental as well. Recite the green mantra “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” with me! The term “reuse” can sometimes be a bit harder to put into practice. When you consider buying something, the opportunity for reuse should be kept in mind.  Using a ManCan means you won’t need to purchase more bottles or cans, which don’t have be manufactured and won’t need to be recycled and melted back for reuse. Like a reusable grocery bag, a growler such as a ManCan helps keep materials like aluminum, glass, plastic and cardboard out of the landfills.  

We haven’t convinced you yet that draft beer is better?  You say you MUST pour your favorite bottles or cans of beer into your ManCan.  If you insist, then please follow these steps and check out the video below:

  1. Chill your ManCan with cold water and empty right before filling
  2. Use a funnel with a hose and place the hose all the way at the bottom of your ManCan
  3. Open your cold beer and slowly pour into the funnel, filling from the bottom up

Wondering where you can get your own one-gallon growler to drink local beer whenever you want? To have 128 ounces of beer at your disposal day or night?  ManCan is your answer and by clicking here, you can get your very own.