It's wedding season! ManCan is your answer.

Are you in the throes of wedding season? Maybe you are the bride or groom? Maybe you are attending 10 weddings this summer of your college besties or fraternity brothers? Either way, ManCan is your answer.

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If you are the bride or groom and want to incorporate your love of delicious craft beer into your special day, ManCan can help!  You can give your wedding party a custom etched ManCan as a thank you gift for being a part of your special day.  We know you are on a budget and, surprise – custom etching is FREE right now on our ManCan 128 Picnic Kegs.  Look here for all the custom options!  Your groomsmen or bridesmaids will LOVE this gift and will always think of you when they take it to their favorite craft brewery for a fill!

Are you trying to figure out how to serve a variety of drinks at your wedding without breaking the bank?  Why not have a ManCan on each table with 128 ounces of your very favorite beer or wine?  One gallon of beer is a pint for eight of your guests or 25 servings of wine.  This could be an easy and creative way to cover the expense of your guests first drink before it becomes a cash bar.

Do you want to serve beer from a local brewery at your reception and they don’t offer cans or kegs?  ManCan is still the answer.  Buy as many ManCans as budget allows and have servers walk around and serve your favorite nectar from a ManCan.  This would allow your out of town guests to sample your favorite local beers.  Who knows, maybe they’ll find a new favorite!

Are attending wedding after wedding this season and at a loss as to what to get the special couple?  The answer is still ManCan!  Why not get a custom ManCan for the special couple or a ManCan Picnic Kit.  Your gift will be unique and they will think of you for years to come when they get a fill.

Maybe you are a homebrewer and making a special brew just for the special couple.  A custom homebrew kit full of your deliciousness is an amazing and thoughtful gift the bride and groom will remember for years to come!


Jenny & Pat on their wedding day

(the only thing it was missing was ManCan)

Maybe you are like me and well beyond a wedding season in your life.  I am approaching 20 years of marriage and many of my friends are too.  Yes, I said 20 years!  Why not celebrate this milestone with a ManCan?  My husband and I are active in the outdoors, love beer, and homebrew kombucha – a ManCan is perfect.  Maybe you know someone like us that would like a ManCan too?

I got married well before Pinterest and I have told my husband that I would like a redo with all the amazing ideas that are now available.  Here are a few of my favorite beer themed ideas to make your day beer-y special:

  • Your wedding location could be a brewery
  • Brew a special recipe for the big day or have a homebrewer friend help
  • Replace the champagne toast with a beer toast of your favorite brew
  • Use hops in place of flowers or added to boutonnieres for groomsmen

Cheers and all the best to those of you getting married this summer or celebrating a special milestone!