Homebrew Kit

Homebrew Kit


The ManCan 128 Homebrew Kit includes 5 ManCan 128's, which holds a gallon of beer each, and a ManCan Picnic Tap with 2-stage regulator. This 5-gallon kit is perfect for homebrewers!

  • It is a 5-gallon system with a single tap

  • The only one of its kind

  • Truly designed for bottle conditioning

  • 5-Stainless steel, no-leak caps

  • Patented Seal Technology

  • Create a variety of beers by adding different hops, fruits or flavorings (such as coffee, chocolate) to each individual one gallon can

  • The concave bottom is a reservoir that allows residual yeast to collect eliminating stir up when the beer is being poured

  • It's a packaging you can be proud of when serving your beer!

This package provides you with the ultimate flexibility! Bottle Condition or Keg...it's your choice!

Perfect Pour Regulator manufactured by ITW for ManCan.

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