Scratch 'n Dent Picnic Keg

Scratch 'n Dent Picnic Keg

25.00 35.00

They may not be perfect, but they get the job done! ManCan is indestructible, but we do have a few that are scratched or dented! Get a Scratch ‘n Dent ManCan Picnic Keg for $25 and get all the benefits that ManCan has to offer at an unbeatable price! Imperfections won’t affect how amazing ManCan is! What makes ManCan so amazing even if it’s scratched? ManCan:

  • Keeps your beer fresher longer

  • Locks in CO2 and keeps our air with the patented Flat Top Cap

  • Looks badass!

  • Is impermeable to light – no skunky beer here

  • Is pressure rated, unlike glass growlers

  • Was designed for beer, not water

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