What is ManCan?

ManCan serves craft beer right from the tap, the way the brewer intended. The patented ManCan 128 is an indestructible one gallon, stainless steel, keg-style craft beer growler, brewer designed and engineered to keep beer fresh until it’s gone. The pour anywhere tap with flexible hose makes pouring craft beer easy, from the fridge or on the go! The original 64 oz. Grab ‘n Go ManCan will replace your glass growler and, if unopened, will keep your beer fresh until you are ready to drink it!

How long does ManCan keep beer fresh and carbonated?

These bad boys will keep your beer fresh and tasty till you're ready for a refill! Unopened, the ManCan won’t lose carbonation because ManCans do not leak air or CO2, thanks to the 304 stainless steel, which is the same steel kegs are made from, and the threaded fitting and gasket seal on the Flat Top Cap that come with every unit. Breweries who tested the ManCan for us found that even after 30 days the beer had not lost any CO2, nor had any other changes to the characteristics of the beer (IBUs, flavor, color, alcohol, etc.). We don’t know about you, but we can’t keep a full ManCan around for more than 30 days, but if you do, we’ve got your back!

Want to serve beer right from the tap, the way the brewer intended? Both Completion Kits, Picnic Tap and Party Tap, allow you to pour beer at your leisure without compromising the beer’s integrity and, at the same time, maintain its full shelf life.

Can ManCan be used for other beverages?

Absolutely. Coffee to kombucha, cocktails to soda; you name it the ManCan can handle it.

What's the best way to clean ManCan?

We highly recommend using ManCan Cleaning Tablets. They are the simplest, fastest, and best way to get it done. You can also use old school soapy water, but it can leave a soapy residue compromising the quality of your beer. Learn about cleaning your ManCan on our Care & Use page.

Can I put my own logo, or my brewery's logo, on ManCan?

Absolutely. Let us know what you have in mind at thetribe@mancan.beer. There will be an additional cost associated with this and we may require a minimum order.

Is ManCan good for homebrewing?

Definitely! In fact, the original ManCan 64 was designed with homebrewing in mind. Visit our Homebrew page to learn more about newly released Homebrew Kit!

Can I bring ManCan on an airplane?

For the most part, yes you can, but the final decisions always rest with TSA in the U.S. and with the airline on which you are flying. But it pretty much comes down to this:

  • If you check your ManCan full, seal it with the Flat Top Cap securely. Do not check it with a tap system on. You cannot carry it on full as it exceeds the liquid limits.
  • If you check or carry-on your ManCan empty, we recommend removing the Flat Top Cap and any tap system.
  • Many airlines will not allow CO2 cartridges as either carry-on or checked items. Check before you pack.

Can a MultiPort Cap be used on both the Picnic Keg and Grab ‘n Go Growler?

The MultiPort Cap is optimized for the Picnic Keg and we recommend using it only on that size ManCan.  

What kind of CO2 does ManCan use and how long will a 16-gram CO2 cartridge last?

We prefer to use our own 16g CO2 cartridges and hope you do, too. Our Perfect Pour Regulator was designed to fit our CO2 cartridges, well…perfectly. Plus, they are extremely reasonably priced. The Perfect Pour Regulator requires non-threaded, 16g CO2 cartridges. Each should last for about one to two ManCan Picnic Keg fills — depending on how much you use for cleaning between fills.

Can I use my own CO2 tank and regulator?

Yes, simply remove the Perfect Pour Regulator and connect the CO2 line to the grey ball lock connector.

How does the new Perfect Pour Regulator work?

The Perfect Pour Regulator is a two-phase regulator that automatically pressurizes your ManCan with CO2. It is built with a sleek, 16g, CO2 cartridge holster and a color-coded, on/off control button where green is on and red is off.

What is the difference between the Picnic Tap and the Party Tap?

The Picnic Tap is an awesome, on-the-go system. It’s perfect for picnics and BBQs, tailgating, or to join you on your favorite outdoor activity, like hiking, camping or tailgating. Our staff has also found it works great to lay your ManCan on its side in the fridge and swing out the tap to pour —no need to even pull out your ManCan. Amazing, right?

The Party Tap looks just like those you see at your favorite brewery, because it probably is. It works great from the door of your fridge and has the experience-factor that just makes you feel amazing when pouring at a party. Its revolutionary ball and floating front seal design prevent your beer from being exposed to air, keeping your beer brewery fresh!

How much does ManCan hold?

The ManCan Grab ‘n Go Growler holds 64 oz., or one half gallon. That's equivalent to five bottles plus a 4 oz taster, four 16 oz pints, or one traditional glass growler.

The ManCan Picnic Keg holds 128 oz., or one gallon. That's equivalent to a 10-pack plus two 4 oz tasters, eight 16 oz pints, or two traditional glass growlers.

Rumor has it there is a WoManCan?

There is! Well, was. We partnered with the Pink Boots Society to create a limited edition WoManCan during our Kickstarter campaign. Pink Boots promotes women in the beer industry and we were honored to donate proceeds from those sales to benefit the Society. Want one? Give us a shout and we’ll see how much interest there is to make more.

Are ManCans patented?

Definitely. We have patents on everything under the ManCan brand.

What are the dimensions?

All the ManCans have a 5.25” diameter. That way they fit in your fridge door. Heights:

  • ManCan Picnic Keg (no tap system) ― 12.25” tall
  • ManCan Picnic Keg with Party Tap ― 18.25“ tall
  • ManCan Picnic Keg with Picnic Tap ― 16.25” tall
  • ManCan Grab 'n Go Growler (no tap system) ― 7.25” tall

How long will it take for my product(s) to arrive?

ManCan product(s) require 2 - 3 days for processing. Shipping depends on where you live. Use our map below to estimate your delivery.


Can you ship CO2 cartridges to Canada, Hawaii or Alaska?

Unfortunately, due to Hazardous Material concerns we are unable to ship CO2 cartridges out of the lower 48 states in the USA at this time. So if you live in Canada, Alaska or Hawaii we will omit the CO2 from any of the Completion Kits and we will not be able to ship you a Survival Kit or a Power Pack. You should be able to source CO2 cartridges locally, many bike shops stock them. But keep in mind, the Perfect Pour Regulator should only be used with non-threaded, 16g, CO2 cartridges.

What is the best way for me to take care of my Perlick faucet?

We have added a link to the documentation from the manufacturer of the Perlick faucet.

How do I align my Perfect Pour Regulator?

The regulator holster needs to be downward facing. The CO2 cartridge should not be above the regulator because liquid CO2 can creep into the unit and damage it.

Can I remove or tighten the gas or liquid posts on my tap system?

You bet! Occasionally removing and cleaning your posts is a good thing, in fact. If you do remove a post from your regulator, be sure to use Teflon tape when you re-attach them. If your post becomes loose, simply tighten it back on using pliers being careful not to over-tighten it.

Growler laws vary by state.

Please check the regulations in your state. ManCan is not liable if your purchase does not comply with your state regulations.

  • DC, HI, MN, NC and VA ― Limit sales of growlers to 64 ounces
  • GA ― Cannot sell growlers but they can give away beer with a tour
  • OR, TX and MS ― Only brewpub license can sell growlers
  • NM ― Brewpub license CANNOT sell growlers
  • OK ― Limits growler sales to 3.2 beer