How to Homebrew with ManCan

ManCan makes homebrewing easy and efficient. Not only will it keep your finished brew fresh and carbonated, but you can also use it in other parts of the brewing process.

Bottle Conditioning

To have a greater chance of consistency throughout your brews, use the ManCan to condition. Add your priming sugar with a syringe to make sure that the same amount of sugar is added to each individual ManCan. ManCan is pressure rated for bottle conditioning so there is no risk of busting your growler, and ManCan’s are made from 304 stainless steel, the same steel kegs are made from, making it impermeable to light so there is no need to hide your brew in a closet. Ditch the bottles and condition your beer in ManCan.

Force Carbonate in the 128 oz. ManCan Picnic Keg

To force carbonate, you will need to attach a CO2 tank system (2 lbs or greater) with adjustable regulator set up for Cornelius fittings. First, attach the gas ball cap with a Cornelius ball connection. Once set up, adjust the pressure to 25 PSI and keep the pressure on for a couple of days while leaving it in the fridge. This ensures the pressure will stay at a continuous 25 PSI for the duration of the force carbonation process. It's an efficient way to enjoy your beer a few weeks earlier with ManCan. Consult your local home brew store if you have questions; they should also have all the parts you need.

Note: It is not possible to force carbonate with our Perfect Pour Regulator. The Perfect Pour is designed to deliver a fixed amount of pressure.  Once your beer has been force carbonated, you can use the Perfect Pour Regulator for serving.


5 ManCan Picnic Kegs for 5 unique brews

Create Different Beers with One 5 Gallon Batch

With the ManCan, you can brew a 5 gallon batch with 5 different finished brews. Use ManCan Picnic Kegs to separate your batch and add different hops, fruits or added flavorings (such as chocolate or coffee) per ManCan. This will let you explore multiple hop flavors with the same beer.  Variety in beer is the spice of life!

ManCan was originally designed with homebrewing in mind. And lucky for you, we have added a Homebrew Kit to our product line to make it even easier to homebrew with ManCan. Get yours now to make the homebrewing process more efficient!