You are now an integral part of the ManCan Tribe.

How to assemble and pour (we’ll leave the drinking to you!)


  1. Clean your ManCan — Remove the Flat Top Cap from your ManCan and give your ManCan a wash (and tap system, if you are using one). We recommend using ManCan Cleaning Tabs. Rinse thoroughly. Soap and warm water will also work, but we find soap may leave a residue giving your beer off flavors, so be EXTRA diligent when rinsing. Leave the ManCan caps and taps off to allow your ManCan to air dry.
  2. Fill local — We suggest getting your ManCan filled straight from the tap at a brewery for optimum freshness. When transporting your ManCan, it is best to use the Flat Top Cap or the MultiPort Cap, but not the Party Tap MultiPort Cap.
  3. Pour anywhere — Bring your ManCan with you to a friend’s house, camping, hiking, or anywhere you might want a beer! Pour straight from the can or use one of our badass tap systems for draft beer on the go.

Party Tap Assembly

Attach the faucet to the shank on the multiport tap, by aligning both and firmly pushing together, then securely tighten the two together using the coupling threaded sleeve. Once firmly tightened by hand, close the tap by pushing the handle back and screw the Party Tap onto the can. Skip forward to Perfect Pour Regulator Assembly.

Picnic Tap Assembly

Securely screw on the Picnic Tap onto the ManCan.

Use this simple, three-step process to connect the Picnic Tap system to the MultiPort Cap:

  1. Pull up on the flange of the black Ball Lock Connector.
  2. Push the Connector on to the vertical stainless steel center post “A.”
  3. To ensure it is locked in place, push down with your palm until you hear or feel a click and the flange returns to its original, down position.

Perfect Pour Regulator Assembly

Prepare the regulator

  1. If your regulator did not come connected, screw the Gray Ball Lock Connector to the Regulator Safety Connector so that it is snug. Once it’s threaded, it’s sealed - it does not have to be super tight.
  2. Press the red button on the Regulator Safety Connector to close the valve.

Install a CO2 cartridge

  1. Grasp the Perfect Pour Regulator System with the three-finger hold show in illustration. Unscrew the holster.
    • *Tip: Avoid Damaging the Perfect Pour* To avoid damaging the Perfect Pour: Do not use the Regulator Safety Connector or the Ball Lock Connector as leverage while attaching the holster.
  2. Insert a CO2 cartridge into the holster with the neck facing up as shown.
  3. Using the three-finger hold once more, screw the holster back into the Regulator. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. No need to crank it - just tighten until you hear the puncturing of the CO2 cartridge, which occurs automatically as the holster is fitted into the Regulator. Leave it hand-tightened.

Attach the Perfect Pour Regulator to the MultiPort Cap

  1. Confirm that the Picnic MultiPort Cap or Party Tap MultiPort Cap is SECURELY attached to the ManCan before attaching the Perfect Pour Regulator.
  2. Pull up on the flange of the gray Ball Lock Connector as shown.
  3. Push the Ball Lock Connector down on to the angled stainless steel gas post “B” on your MultiPort Cap.
  4. To ensure it is locked in place, push down with your palm until you hear or feel a click and the flange returns to its original, down position.
  5. Make sure the regulator is parallel to the ManCan in an upright position with the CO2 holster below the Ball Lock Connector. Do Not position the CO2 holster above the Ball Lock Connector.  

Fill it with CO2 and purge the air

  1. Push the green button on the Regulator Safety Connector. This will automatically charge the ManCan with the perfect amount of CO2 to properly dispense your beer. You can, but not necessary to turn off the Regulator between pours. Once connected properly, no air can enter and no CO2 can escape.
  2. Pull the pressure relief valve for a few seconds to release any trapped air within the ManCan after initially pressuring with CO2. Release the valve and you’re ready to pour!

Cleaning Instructions

Applies to the Grab 'n Go Growler and Picnic Keg.

  1. Thoroughly rinse out your ManCan and then fill it with warm water.
  2. Add 1 cleaning tablet and let it dissolve.  
  3. Soak for 10 minutes.
  4. If you have a tap system, re-attach the tap and Perfect Pour Regulator. Use the CO2 pressure to run some of the solution through the tap. Release the pressure using the Pressure Release Ring before removing the Regulator and Tap.
  5. Finally, empty ManCan of the cleaning solution and rinse thoroughly.
  6. Again, if you have a tap system, re-attach the tap and Perfect Pour Regulator, re-pressurize the ManCan and run some clean water through.
  7. Repeat if necessary. Sanitize, if required.
    • *If you do not have ManCan cleaning tablets, you can also clean your ManCan with warm, soapy water: fill ¼ way, shake vigorously and be extra diligent when rinsing to get as much of the soapy residue as possible.

Tips for heavy soils

  • Use 2 tablets
  • Let soak overnight, up to 24 hours
  • Increase water temperature

Your ManCan is ready to go! But, be sure it’s registered.

If you did not purchase yours from our website, be sure to register your ManCan at www.mancan.beer/warranty. Take your new ManCan out and about and send us photos! We’ll make you famous…well, Facebook famous anyway.