Have booze, will travel. Haul fresh beer anywhere with this portable mini-keg. Remember that time in your life when the best portable beer option you had were those foam cozies that slide over your can? Wait, that was last week? Well then this week will thrust you lightyears forward through the beverage universe: Meet the ManCan 128, a keg you can take anywhere.

Have booze, will travel.
— Maxim

Sometimes you want the convenience of a growler. Sometimes you need the volume of a pony keg. Now there's a way to get you a ManCan that can do both. 

What can't a ManCan do? OK, actually, it only really does one thing — dispense fresh, cold, and perfectly carbonated draft beer any time, any place. It's like a cross between a Crowler (that's a 32oz aluminum can — think a growler with a pop-top) and a CamelBak, and it's primed to be this summer's ultimate beer-geek fashion accessory. 

ManCan is unlike any growler I have had or even seen for that matter. You can think of it as a mini keg, that will keep your beer under pressure, and therefore FRESH, for months at a time. Seriously. If you have been using a growler like I had, you know that you can open it about 3 maybe 4 times before you are completely lost of any valuable carbonation and as a result not so fresh/good beer. This makes those trips to the brewery and your plans to drink their beer over a period of time (or even a week if you are aggressive) very hard to make successful.

If you’re a beer drinker, and you’ve purchased a growler to-go… you already know the pain of a flat $20 jar of beer. You want it to taste as good at home as it did out of the tap. ManCan bridges the gap from tap to home (or campsite) with ease. The 128 oz ManCan picnic is large enough (a full gallon) without being “too big.” If the 128 oz size intimidates you, they’ve got the 64 oz ManCan waiting in the wings.

...keeping beer brewery-fresh much longer than any counterpart.
— Craft Brewing Business

ManCan is changing the way people drink beer. No, it’s not being launched into space, or dispensed via arcade machine or even plumbed into your house. No, the way the ManCan is changing craft beer is by holding carbonation pressure, locking out air and keeping beer brewery-fresh much longer than any counterpart.