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ManCan Story

Kevin Lehman, ManCan’s President, CEO and inventor, designed the original 64 oz. ManCan Grab ‘n Go Growler as a solution to imperfect beer packaging in 2012. As a professional engineer, he knew he had it in him to design something that would allow him to bottle condition his homebrew, take beer home with him from the brewery, and be the center of attention at parties. After much trial and error, Kevin finally landed on a design that resembled the type of beer packaging he wanted to replicate — a keg. The keg-style growler took off and people were amazed at how perfect it was for replacing traditional glass growlers, bottles and cans. The product became so popular in Kevin’s inner circle that he decided to build a business around it and he started his original company Deep Wood Brew Products (DWBP).

In 2014, Kevin responded to his customers by adding a 128 oz. keg-style growler to the DWBP line. With the addition of this amazing new product, Kevin knew that this company was bigger than what DWBP could handle, so Kevin brought on a partner to help the company evolved into ManCan.

The demand was high for the 128 oz. keg-style growler, but ManCan needed a little help in order to meet demand, so they decided to tap into their tribe of followers and launch a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign reached its goal in roughly one week, and by the end of the 30-day campaign, ManCan had raised 420% of their original goal! The support from the ManCan tribe in this campaign made it possible for ManCan to put 128 oz. of craft beer and homebrew in the fridges of beer lovers everywhere.

In 2016, ManCan continued to move forward with great success, however the partnership did not. After much thought, Kevin dissolved his partnership and became President and CEO of his own company. With 4 issued patents, and a few others pending, Kevin’s passion and determination kept ManCan moving in a positive direction.


“Editor’s Top Choice”

Tailgate, Backyard and BBQ Products Category at National Hardware Show in Las Vegas

At the 2017 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, ManCan was awarded “Editor’s Top Choice” in the Tailgate, Backyard and BBQ Products Category, propelling it into the retail world! You can now find ManCan on the Cabela’s website, the Home Depot website and in other retail stores. 

The ManCan Team is building a community of beer lovers who are seeking out to enjoy the best the beer industry has to offer. We pride ourselves in treating our customers as we would like to be treated. We listen to our customers and value their comments and suggestions. We are continually working on new and innovative improvements to provide our Tribe, and the industry, with the best beer experience possible.