Kevin Lehman

CEO, President and Inspired Inventor of ManCan

Meet Kevin

Realizing the flaws of the traditional glass growler and how some bottles and cans can actually wreck a good brew, Kevin Lehman set out to not just improve beer vessels but to re-invent them! After some tinkering and many long nights, Kevin developed the 64 oz. mini keg-style growler. An inventor at heart, an engineer by trade, and an avid homebrewer, it was completely natural for Kevin to be the guy who would innovate a revolutionary way to store and pour beer.

From his custom workshop-office, Kevin didn’t stop there. He received numerous requests from customers wanting more. Those requests led Kevin to develop a multi-port tap system that keeps beer fresh to the last drop, and a full gallon keg-style growler, the ManCan 128. To date, ManCan has 4 patents and 2 trademarks!  Kevin is continuously working on improvements and new products.

Kevin is married to his best friend, Shelli, and is an avid outdoorsman that loves hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping. In his own words, “Anything outdoors and I am there!” Kevin loves to brew Wheats, IPAs, and Pale Ales in his free time. A true craft beer fan!

Kevin leads ManCan with a smile and truly wants to know how you’re doing before anything else. We are proud to have Kevin leading ManCan and improving the way people drink craft beer.

Atalie Taziri

Marketing Director

Meet Atalie

Atalie started with ManCan from the ground up. She joined the team to be marketing and PR support before the 2015 Kickstarter campaign, but quickly took on many different rolls. Atalie has a passion for craft beer and the industry that brings an important perspective to our marketing efforts and our brand. Atalie started her career as the Craft Beer Program Intern at the Brewers Association, where her love for craft beer and the craft beer industry only grew. She then worked for a PR agency based in New York, which handled the Brewer’s Association’s PR, keeping her tethered to the industry. Atalie specializes in targeted marketing efforts and SEO, but she brings so much more to the ManCan team by supporting in business plans, innovative ideas, sales efforts, and is one of the many ManCan advertising models!

Atalie and her husband Ben, who you have also probably seen in ManCan advertising, have a one year old son, a new baby on the way, and two awesome dogs, Sansa (a golden retriever who is another face of many ManCan ads) and Lola. She loves to fish, or in her words “catch all the fish”, brewery hop, and is a self-proclaimed beer pong champion.

Lexi Steele

Brand Manager and Graphic Designer

Meet Lexi

Lexi is ManCan’s graphic designer, brand specialist, and resident IPA lover. She takes pride in her ability to recognize the beauty in all things. Her passion for developing strong, consistent branding that reflects the spirit of the business is what quickly led ManCan to make her an integral part of the team. Lexi spent three years helping tech entrepreneurs get their mobile apps off the ground before deciding it was time to pursue her own entrepreneurial passion and venture out on her own. The tech world taught her how to use her graphic design training, how to create sustainable growth for small business in the modern world, and how to stand up for what she believes in.

Lexi met her fiancé at a local Denver brewery, Wits End, and beer has been their combined passion ever since. She is an amazing dog mom to two cute little dogs, Carlos and Tino, and has been a foster dog mom to many puppies looking for homes. Lexi is an independent lady who believes in gender equality, minimalist design principles, and a good IPA.

Monty Rhodes

Sales Director

Meet Monty

Monty recently joined ManCan as Sales Director, but has jumped in with both feet and has done amazing things with this company! He brings an extensive background in sales and sales management with communications and technology companies as well as years of executive level experience in new market and business development for major cellular service providers.  His passion for startup companies and innovative new products made for a simple decision to join ManCan.  Monty says “It’s the wonderfully talented team Kevin has assembled and having a product that everyone loves at first sight. That’s what makes this opportunity so special.”

An outdoor enthusiast, a golfer and an avid fly fisherman, Monty says “he is so ardently devoted that it resembles an addiction.”  His love of the outdoors comes from growing up on a family ranch in Utah, where he developed a deep a deep appreciation for wildlife and the importance of land stewardship. Monty has two awesome children who also love to fish, a grandson and a new grandchild on the way.

Jenny Bull

Program Manager

Meet Jenny

Jenny is a wife, mom and avid Kansas State fan!  She has a sick, twisted sense of humor and LOVES Colorado and all things dogs - especially the rescued kind! She is passionate about living life chemically free, good food and crafting. Jenny has recently taken up homebrewing kombucha and you will generally find a fresh batch at the ManCan office. Jenny spent 17 years in financial services - both in customer care and running a $1 billion territory before joining ManCan. Jenny's official title is "Program Manager", but give her any job and she's happy to help.


Jyl Miller

Customer Service Specialist

Meet Jyl

For roughly a year now, Jyl has been part of the ManCan team focusing on customer care and support and actively seeking breweries to be part of the ManCan family. Jyl gets showered with compliments on her customer service and has quickly become a valuable asset to our company. Jyl has a has a BS in Biochem and Biology, and for the past four years she has been the active board of directors with nonprofit mothers of multiples.

Jyl is a single mother of 3 kids, a 14 year old girl and 10 year old twin boys, so she is not afraid to take on any challenge. As a Colorado native, Jyl is an avid outdoorswoman and snowboarder, has conquered 6 of Colorado’s famous fourteener’s, and loves to enjoy quality time with her children camping in the Colorado mountains, none of which she does without a full ManCan.