General Tap Troubleshooting (start here!)


Nothing is coming out!

  1. Ensure that the tap system is securely attached to the MultiPort Cap. Remove and replace the ball lock connector, push until you hear the click and see the flange go back down.
  2. If that didn’t work the CO2 might be empty, which isn’t giving the beer enough pressure to be poured. Replace the CO2 cartridge and try again!

My ManCan is leaking, what to do?

Tighten the nuts around the posts on the MultiPort Cap to make sure no beer is leaking.

My beer is foamy… too foamy. How do I decrease the foam?

Turn off the Perfect Pour Regulator and release air from the can using the Pressure Release Valve.

My ball lock connector is not fitting on correctly.

The ball lock connectors should fit fairly easily, but they are not interchangeable. Make sure the tap is connected to the TOP and the gas is connected to the ANGLED port on the MultiPort Cap.

Verify that you have the ports in the right place. The port with the flat edges is the beer port that goes on TOP and the port with the diamond like notches on the edge is the gas port and is the ANGLED connector.

I am having trouble removing the CO2 holster.

Sometimes you will accidentally over-tighten the holster. Instead of using the Regulator Safety Connector with the red/green on/off switch as leverage, we suggest using pliers very gently on the main housing above the holster and untighten the holster by hand.

Having problems with the Perfect Pour Regulator?

Be sure you properly assemble the Perfect Pour Regulator as described in our Field Guide and on the Care & Use page. If you are still having problems, place the assembled regulator under water to see where it might be leaking.

  • Is there CO2 leaking from the on/off black Regulator Safety Connector? Please make sure all connections are gently tightened.
  • If the regulator’s holster section keeps turning and is not tightening…oh no!! You stripped the threads and your regulator will leak all of the CO2. You will need to replace your regulator. Please contact us at for a replacement.
  • Is there CO2 coming from the pin holes in the upper portion of the regulator? This indicates the regulator is faulty. Please contact us at for a replacement.

If you send us an email, it can be very helpful to have a video recorded of your problem and of the Regulator being submerged in water.

Need more help?

Visit our Customer Support page to get in touch! We are more than happy to help you figure out your issue or replace a faulty part.