Single wall insulated for a reason

ManCan is a one gallon, stainless-steel keg style growler that is single wall insulated, not double wall insulated, for a reason. Well, many reasons actually.

Designed for Beer, Not Water

ManCan was designed by a homebrewer and engineer to specifically preserve the quality of craft beer and homebrewed beer. It is made from 304 stainless steel, the same steel kegs are made from, which preserves the flavors, aromas, and unique characteristics of your beer.

Serve at the ideal temp

Did you know that each beer style has a different serving temp? With double-wall insulated growlers you are stuck with the temperature of the beer until it inevitably starts to get warm, but with ManCan you can serve your beer at the temp it is meant to be served.


Lightweight ― easy to haul!

ManCan is lightweight making it perfect for adventures. Have you ever held a full double-wall insulated growler? It is heavy! ManCan doesn’t have that extra layer making it much lighter and easier to haul. It is the perfect companion for hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, and any other outdoor adventure that is better with beer.

Colder Quicker than Double wall insulated

So, you go camping with your insulated growler only to realize after 24 hours your beer is warming up. You throw it on ice only to find it takes forever and a day to get it your beer cool again because of the double-wall. Not with ManCan! Throw it in the cooler and you will have cold beer until it’s gone!

designed with homebrewing in mind

Because ManCan was designed for beer, it only makes sense that it would be great for homebrewing. ManCan makes the perfect homebrewing accessory because: it is rated to withstand the pressure of bottle conditioning; no-leak cap - seals in CO2 and seals out air; create a variety of beers by adding different hops, fruits or flavorings (such as coffee, chocolate) to each individual one gallon can; the concave bottom is a reservoir that allows residual yeast to collect eliminating stir up when the beer is being poured; impermeable to light and other contaminants; it's a packaging you can be proud of when serving your beer! Learn all about homebrewing with ManCan here.